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How to | Piston ring installation

Nov 02, 2022

How to | Kolbenring Einbau

We repeatedly notice that piston rings are not installed correctly. With the following instructions we will show you how to safely install the piston ring so that it securely seals the combustion chamber from the crankcase.

Cleaning the components

First clean the piston thoroughly. There may be stubborn chips from manufacturing in the piston ring grooves. The chips can affect the function of the piston ring. Therefore clean thoroughly.

When reinstalling used components, for example after checking the engine components, be sure to remove oil carbon from the piston ring and ring groove. This can also severely affect the function of the piston ring.

Testing the ring groove play

The piston ring must move in and out cleanly during engine operation to compensate for unevenness. In order to ensure this even at higher temperatures, the annular groove must have play. By inserting the ring to the side, the play can be spied out with a feeler gauge. The ring groove clearance should be at least 0.03mm and a maximum of 0.08mm.

Testing the ring putt game

The piston ring is lengthened by heating during operation. To check the ring gap, insert the piston ring into the cylinder. Now move the piston ring with the piston in the cylinder so that it is perpendicular to the running surface. Now the ring joint play can be checked using a feeler gauge. The ring joint clearance should be at least 0.004 x the cylinder diameter (e.g.: 0.004 x 50mm = 0.20mm).

Assembly of the rings

The piston rings can be inserted into the ring groove after the ring groove clearance and ring joint clearance have been successfully checked. Place one end of the piston ring in the annular groove and insert it with a spiral movement. Do not spread the piston ring as it can be overstretched or even break. Please note the installation direction of the piston ring.

Piston assembly

Now turn the piston rings so that the openings are on the ring pins. Check whether the piston rings spring into the ring groove cleanly and without jamming. Coat the pistons, rings and cylinder liners with a film of oil. Preload piston rings and carefully insert piston into cylinder.

Now everything should fit securely. Do you have another question about it? We are happy to be there for you. Simply contact us via WhatsApp, email or telephone. J

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