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HOW TO | needle bearing damage

Mar 16, 2023

Demontierter Motor mit defekten Pleuel

Does your moped rattle or rattle while driving or under load? This could be an indication of needle bearing damage. A worn needle bearing quickly leads to major damage to the piston, cylinder and crankshaft. So there is an urgent need for action!

The function of the needle bearings

Defective needle bearings are not uncommon. The needle bearings are subject to greater stress, particularly in tuning engines. In addition, wear is already increased on 2-stroke engines. This is due to the low lubrication.

The needle bearing supports the connecting rod on the piston pin with the lowest possible friction losses. The connection between the connecting rod and crankshaft converts the linear piston movement into a radial movement of the crankshaft. This means that the pressure created in the combustion chamber can be converted into a rotational movement.

Defective needle bearing and now?

If there is increased wear in the needle bearing, the needle bearing will receive a blow with every work cycle. These impacts can lead to total failure of the needle bearing. The needles can come out of the cage. The detached parts can get stuck in the area of ​​the transfer ports between the piston and cylinder. And thus destroy the piston and the cylinder.

The following applies: If bearing damage is suspected, do not wait it out! This is where action is needed! Be sure to check the needle bearing. To do this, the cylinder must be dismantled. Play in the needle bearing can quickly be felt when the piston is no longer seated firmly on the connecting rod. By dismantling the piston, a new needle bearing can be installed. You can find needle bearings in all sizes in our shop .

Black and silver plated needle bearing

You can find a detailed description of piston assembly in our blog HOW TO | this is how you install a piston

We recommend replacing the needle bearing when replacing the piston. This saves you having to exchange it later.

Everything should be clear now, right? If you have any questions or need help with installation, contact us! We will help you.

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