Barikit Kolben für Zündapp Motoren.
Skizze für Zündapp Kolben

Piston BARIKIT, Zündapp 50cc aluminum cylinder 1-ring

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BARIKIT piston for Zündapp mopeds and mopeds! The best for your moped directly from the manufacturer.

The pistons have been revised and now have a 1mm piston ring with chrome coating and the top land has been increased to 2mm, which thermally relieves the piston ring.

Piston ring S/7/3

For original Mahle cylinders with chrome raceways, a steel ring must be used; this must be ordered separately.

Steel ring S/7/12

Suitable for: ZÜNDAPP moped and moped engines
C 50 Sport type, CS 25, CS 50, CX 25, CX 50, GTS 50, HAI 25, HAI 50, R 50, X 25 type, ZD 20 25 40 50, ZL 25, ZS 25, ZE 40, ZX 25 KS 50


26.0 1.5 51.5 12.0

All dimensions in mm.