Laufbahn 2-Takter nach honen.

Grey cast iron cylinder drilling + honing

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Cylinder honing for grey cast iron cylinders at BARIKIT

If your cylinder is worn out or broken, you don't have to buy a new one straight away. You can simply have your cast iron cylinder or aluminum cylinder with a cast bushing rehoned. This will bring it up to the next size and make it shine like new again. You can now drive thousands of kilometers on your moped again. Are you unsure whether your cylinder is coated or has a cast bushing? Just check with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the raceway, then you definitely have a cast raceway.

Why BARIKIT cylinder overhaul:

  1. With a delicate touch: Before your gray cast iron cylinder can be properly honed, the coarsest material must be removed. This step is also commonly referred to as "fine boring". Scores and scratches are completely eliminated.
  2. Customer-specific adjustments: After the cylinder has been machined, the honing process is initiated and the cylinder is brought to the exact desired piston size. We also offer the installation of a new piston as an option (piston available separately).
Ordering process:
  1. Choose the "Honing grey cast iron cylinders" in our shop.
  2. Order the right piston for your cylinder. Alternatively, you can use your own piston, please enclose it.
  3. Print out the order confirmation and enclose it in the package.
  4. Send your roughly cleaned cylinder to:
    BARIKIT Germany
    Friedhofstrasse 9
    D-78315 Radolfzell
  5. After processing for approximately 4 weeks, we will send the cylinder back to you.

    With the BARIKIT honing service you can breathe new life into your engine and extend its lifespan. Don't hesitate, order and feel the difference!

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    Raul Zarculea
    Zu viel hoffnung

    Hatte viel hoffnung doch als es ankam sah es nicht so vielversprechend aus ist auch dementsprechend nach dem einfahren bei etwas vollgas angerieben