Ein Pleuel mit Nadellagern, Hubzapfen und Anlaufscheiben aus Kupfer
Zeichnung Barikit Pleuel für einen Derbi Hunter Motor mit Bemaßung.

Connecting rod BARIKIT, Derbi Hunter, 75mm

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Get more longevity and durability with the BARIKIT connecting rod for your Derbi Hunter. Forged from high-quality steel alloy and equipped with a high-speed silver needle bearing, this connecting rod is ideal for those who want to push their limits.

Suitable for:

DERBI: Atlantis, Atlantis LC, Hunter, Paddock, Paddock LC, Predator, Predator LC


length A 75.0 mm
piston eye DxExF 10x14x13 mm
stroke eye GxHxI 16x22x12 mm